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FindIt!: search multiple Library resources at once

The Library has released a new tool that searches across multiple Library resources at once. The FindIt! tool eliminates the need to know what resource to search and how to search it. Instead, you search one place and get results from E-Resources AND Franklin, Library A to Z, VCat, Library staff, etc. in one place. The E-Resource Locator search box has been replaced with the FindIt! search box.

What resources are searched? *

  • E-Resource Locator, for identifying e-journals, databases, online dictionaries, resource guides, etc.
  • Franklin, the Penn Library online catalog
  • VCat, the Penn Library video catalog
  • Library A to Z web pages, including hours, borrowing information, Library floor plans
  • Penn Library FAQ
  • Penn Library Staff

*In later phases additional resources such as SCETI and the Penn Library image collections may be added.

Use FindIt! now!

We welcome feedback. Please use the Comments form which is also available on the FindIt! page.

For more information:
Contact the Local Search Tool (LoST) Team