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Scopus is a comprehensive abstracting and indexing database covering scientific, technical, medical and social science research literature back to the mid-1800s, including 15,000 peer-reviewed journals from more than 4,000 publishers, over 1200 Open Access journals, 500 conference proceedings, over 600 trade publications, 200 book series, and 22 million patent records from 5 patent offices. A primary feature of Scopus is that it can help identify research trends, track researcher output, identify important publications, and calculate one's "h index". Other special features include the ability to download multiple PDFs of articles at one time, as well as the ability to format your output as a bibliography.

Updated daily, Scopus offers.

  • 15,000 peer-reviewed journals from more than 4,000 publishers
    • over 1200 Open Access journals
    • 500 conference proceedings
    • over 600 trade publications
    • 200 book series
  • 33 million abstracts
  • Results from 386 million scientific web pages
  • 22 million patent records from 5 patent offices
  • Seamless links to full-text articles and other library resources
  • Innovative tools that give an at-a-glance overview of search results and refine them to the most relevant hits
  • Alerts to keep you up-to-date on new articles matching your search query, or by favorite author

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