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University of Pennsylvania Press ebooks via JSTOR

Through the generosity of the Althea K. Hottel and Abraham S. Hottel, Jr. Fund and the members of the Orrery Society, the Penn Libraries have acquired more than 850 e-books published by the Penn Press on the JSTOR platform.

The Penn Press e-book collection represents the Penn Libraries' first purchase of e-books on the JSTOR platform, which supports simultaneous access to multiple users and single-chapter DRM-free PDF downloads. With its extensive deep archive of digitized journals, JSTOR offers a book review-finding widget for each e-book. The Penn Libraries are a charter member of JSTOR, providing access to JSTOR's very large and heavily-used digitized journal and historical pamphlet and primary source collections and now also to JSTOR's e-books.

The Penn Press e-book collection from JSTOR brings to Penn readers all University of Pennsylvania Press e-books offered by JSTOR up through the end of 2013. The collection includes works by Penn people, including:

The Penn Press e-book collection from JSTOR includes many titles from the Press's well-known book series, including:

Many book awards are represented in the Penn Press e-book collection from JSTOR. Winners include:

Penn Press books reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement, New York Times Book Review, and New York Review of Books also appear in the Penn Press e-book collection from JSTOR, including:

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding the Penn Press e-book collection from JSTOR.

For more information:
Rebecca Stuhr, Librarian & Coordinator, Humanities Collections
Lauris Olson, Librarian & Coordinator, Social Sciences Collections