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Restrictions on the Use of 'Penn Only' Networked Resources

Many of the resources listed on the E-Resources pages are subject to restrictions on their access and use.

In order to comply with license agreements for educational use and to ensure access to limited resources, Licensed Resource access is generally limited to current Penn faculty, students and staff . In addition, access is also limited to computers on campus or computers that use the Library Proxy Service. (For information on how using the library's proxy click HERE.) Downloading and electronic redistribution of restricted resources are subject to limitations. For more information regarding Penn's access to electronic resources, see our Access to Electronic Resources Statement.

In addition, downloading and electronic or print redistribution of the Penn Only restricted resources are subject to limitations. Downloading an "excessive" portion of a resource; such as an entire journal issue or a complete journal volume, is prohibited. Use of robots or spiders in licensed materials is also prohibited. Also forbidden is the redistribution of restricted electronic information to non-subscribers or to non-subscribing institutions. For example, posting material downloaded from these resources to a listserv or using these resources for commercial purposes would contravene our license agreements. Web activity is monitored carefully by publishers, and violations can result in cancellation of the service for the entire University.

Please contact the Electronic Acquisitions Department for clarification of appropriate use and restrictions on a particular database.