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Use of Cell Phones in the Library

In order to provide an environment conducive to using the Library, please conduct cell phone conversations away from study, research, and service areas; and turn off ringers while in the Library.

Cell Phone Areas in Penn Libraries:

Van Pelt Dietrich Library Center
The following areas have been designated for cell phone use:
  • Ground floor: Area next to bulletin board across from elevators.
  • 1st floor East: Across from the Current Periodicals Desk at the foot of the stairs to 2nd Floor.
  • 2nd floor East: Class of 1967 lounge at top of stairs to 2nd floor.
The stacks and study carrel areas are designated quiet study and research areas.

Biomedical Library
Foyer of Library near phones.

Chemistry Library
Lobby area outside of the Library.

Dental Library
Hallway outside of Library entrance.

Fisher Fine Arts Library
Furness Lobby and Porch.

Math/Physics/Astronomy Library
Hallway outside of Library entrance.

Museum Library
Hallway outside of Library entrance.

The Center for Judaic Studies Library and the Veterinary School Libraries do not permit use of cell phones.