Lawrence J. Schoenberg, C'53, WG'56
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Bibliotheca Schoenbergensis:
An Exhibition from the Collection of Lawrence J. Schoenberg

University of Pennsylvania Library
November 1, 1995 - January 20, 1996

Lawrence J. Schoenberg, C'53, WG '56 surrounded by details of images from manuscripts in his collection.

This exhibition celebrated the remarkable collection of medieval and early modern illuminated manuscripts in the collections of Library Overseer Lawrence J. Schoenberg.

More than thirty manuscripts, spanning the eleventh to eighteenth centuries, offered a rich banquet of text and illumination from monastic, university and lay texts. Designed by Greg Bear and curated by Lisa Fagin Davis, the exhibition offered the Penn community a glimpse of materials rarely on public display.

The online exhibition , which combines the text panels with representative images from the manuscripts, extends its reach to a wordwide audience of scholars and the general public.

The Library is indebted to Lawrence J. Schoenberg for sharing this important part of our literary and iconographic heritage.

"libros meos optimos bibliothecae Vanpeltianae commodavi, vicissim nihil aliud accipiens nisi hanc vilem subuculam"
(I loaned the Van Pelt Library my best manuscripts, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt).
Barbara Brizdle displays the commemorative T-shirt.

Members of the Schoenberg clan gather after talk by Christopher DeHamel at the opening of Bibliotheca Schoenbergensis.

Larry Schoenberg and Lisa Fagin Davis

Lawrence J. Schoenberg with Lisa Fagin Davis, exhibition curator.

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