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Penn's School of Engineering and Applied Science, established in 1852, has a distinguished reputation for the quality of its programs. Its alumni have achieved international distinction in research, higher education, management, entrepreneurship and industrial development, and government service. Its faculty leads a research program that is at the forefront of modern technology and has made major contributions in a wide variety of fields.

The Engineering Library has kept pace with revolutionary changes in scholarly communication in Engineering and the Sciences. Now it is time to bring the physical library facility to a level of our best new facilities. We envision a compelling library that invites learners to achieve their highest aims. In the words of SEAS Dean Eduardo Glandt: "Many times the environment in which we work helps define how we think of ourselves, and it can have a tremendously self-fulfilling effect on the destiny of a place."

You can help us build a 21st Century Engineering Library at Penn that will serve as the locus for training future engineers by considering one of the following Naming Opportunities:

  • Name the Engineering Library: $4,000,000  
  • Name the Electronic Classroom: $500,000  
    The electronic classroom will provide access to a myriad of online information resources, course-related software, and productivity software. It will also be equipped with technology that will enable students to hone their presentation skills, providing equipment to record and playback their presentations.
  • Name the Combined Service Desk: $300,000  
    The desk will be the contact point for students/faculty/researchers with knowledgeable information professionals. It will serve as a place to discuss research problems and receive valuable support in navigating the information resources of the library.
  • Name the "Quiet Car": $250,000  
    An area of the new library facility will be designated a quiet area. Students can use this area to work individually on their assignments and research in a space that encourages contemplation, reflection, and synthesis.
  • Name a Group Study Room: $175,000  
    These rooms will support the interdisciplinary and group learning central to the SEAS curriculum. Fully equipped with technology, they will provide space for students to work on problem sets and group projects as well as peer tutoring and student consultation with TA's.
  • Name a Study Alcove: $125,000  
    These informal seating areas are designed to provide an environment where students can step away from scholarly rigors and mingle with their peers and scholars from other departments and disciplines. Drink coffee, browse the current journals and generally relax and reflect on what they have learned.
  • Name a Group Study Booth: $75,000  
    These booths, like the group study rooms, will provide spaces for student collaboration and discussion. The booths will be technology-rich to facilitate this group learning.
  • "Builder's Gift" (listed on Dedication Plaque):
    $50,000 or more 
    The Penn Libraries were built through the generosity of supporters in 1750. This tradition of support is continued through gifts of $50,000 or more, which will be recognized as "Builder' gifts."These gifts will assist in the construction and equipping of the Engineering Library. Donors will be recognized as Builders of the transformed space in a prominent location within the Engineering Library.
Library hallway, Reading Room, Entrance for the School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Library hallway
  • Reading Room
  • Entrance for the School of Engineering and Applied Science