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The Campaign for the Penn Libraries
Some thoughts from Martin Meyerson, University President Emeritus

In today's world, we need your support to maintain Penn's position as one of the nation's greatest research centers. From the earliest days of the founding of the Library in 1750, books have been "most necessary" to learning and research. They still are. And so are the electronic information resources that are adding a new dimension to Penn's academic information environment. The growing thirst for knowledge requires harnessing all the resources born of the Information Age.

The Penn Library holds more than 5 million printed volumes, 2.4 million items in microform, and subscribes to more than 33,000 current serials—and must keep growing.

While maintaining the great traditions of Penn's print collections, the Library is also a leader in the development of digital resources. Penn's Digital Library continues to provide faster, more convenient access to research and current reference information and focuses increased attention on the acquisition of full text material online, creating an extensive electronic collection that can be measured in millions of articles.

The Penn Library is being seen and used and appreciated as never before by its faculty and students, as well as by scholars in general. We get rave reviews for the comfortable, people-friendly environment we have been able to bring to buildings that were once felt as cold and impersonal. Our digital library provides resources to information-seekers from every part of the world. We are regularly praised for our commitment to service and willingness to help with matters small and large.

Why should you care? Because support from alumni and friends over the years has been crucial to building the kind of Library we have become today. Supporting the Library means supporting improvements in the larger environment of teaching and learning at Penn. The entire Penn community appreicates and is grateful for that.

The continued excellence of the Library is essential to the University's research mission; its undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs; and its ability to attract and retain outstanding faculty and students. Key to this continued excellence is the growth of the Library's collections—print and electronic.

The Library and its resources are the heart of the learning community. If any institution on campus merits your support, it must surely be the Library—the vital center of campus learning and culture. With your support, we can keep alive Benjamin Franklin's vision of a center for "tools for improvement."

Be a Library Friend