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Class of 1937 Memorial Reading Room

The Class of 1937 Memorial Reading Room & Book Collection

Planning for the Class of 1937 Memorial Reading Room began in the 1950s, when the Class Steering Committee unanimously approved the project as a fitting Class Memorial.

Dedication took place at the Class's 25th Reunion on Alumni Day, May 19, 1962. The fifth floor reading room has been in constant use since its founding. Periodically refurbished and refreshed, it remains one of the most popular spots in the Library. Contributing to the room's decor are teak-paneled walls, carpeting, comfortable wing chairs, upholstered sofas, study tables, coffee tables, lamps and specially-designed display cabinets that house photos, awards, and other class memorabilia.

Also on display in the Memorial Room is an exact replica of the printing press on which Benjamin Franklin printed Poor Richard's Almanac, constructed from specifications obtained from the Smithsonian Institution. This replica was the focal point of the Class's 40th Reunion Parade.

Coupled with the Reading Room itself, the Class of 1937 has also established a Memorial Book Collection. Upon the death of a class member, a book is placed in the library in the classmate's memory.

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