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Ms. Roll 1066


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Transcription Conventions

* Red text in the transcription represents use of red ink in the manuscript text; red ink is used most frequently for women's names, but not exclusively.

* Bracketed letters in the transcription represent expansions of abbreviations in the manuscript text, including any superscript letters.

* The Greek monogram XPC has been expanded to [Christus]; if the last letter of the monogram matches the Latin letter of the corresponding declined form, it appears outside the brackets.

* Capitalization in the transcription attempts to follow exactly the inconsistent capitalization of the manuscript, taking more elaborate letter forms and touches of yellow pigment as signs of capitalization.

* Spelling in the transcription attempts to follow exactly the nonstandard and inconsistent spelling of the manuscript.

* Line breaks in the manuscript are preserved in the transcription; slash marks in the transcription represent slash marks in the manuscript, which frequently appear in the middle of lines.

* Numerals in the manuscript, whether roman or arabic, cardinal or ordinal, are preserved in the transcription, with the manuscript's inconsistent capitalization in the roman numerals; declined endings, generally written above the line as an abbreviation, appear in brackets immediately following the number.

* An author citation in the heading of a transcription pop-up box refers to substantial agreement between that section of the manuscript and a work by that author; it does not imply direct quotation.

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