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Access to Restricted Library Resources through Proxy


Restricted resources, such as most databases & e-journals, or the Oxford English Dictionary, are only available to University of Pennsylvania faculty, students, and staff. To provide off-campus access these resources, the Library uses a Proxy server.

Appropriate use of these resources is governed by our license agreements with the providers. More information is available here.

EZ-Access Service: What you should know...

1. You only need EZ-Access if you are not in the Penn IP Domain

EZ-Access does not require that your browser be configured in any special way to use Library resources from outside the Penn IP Domain.

2. You need to be able to authenticate yourself and you must be authorized to use licenced resources.

With EZ-Access, you can use your PennKey Name & Password.

You can test your access through EZ-Access now by following this link.

3. Your browser must accept cookies

Browsers accept cookies by default, so if you've changed that setting, reset to the default. The EZ-Access cookie is not used to track your use, but only to let the proxy server monitor your authenticated status. This cookie will disappear when you exit your browser. If you share a computer, it is important that you exit the browser prior to other users using that computer so that this authentication cookie will expire.

Your browser currently does not accept cookies.

4. Access from behind firewalls can be a problem EZ-Access uses IP ports in the range of 2048 - 13000. If you are accessing Restricted resources from behind firewalls and the firewall does not allow access to these IP ports, you will NOT be able to use EZ-Access.

Please let us know what you think of this service.