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The Running Press

Running Press Book Publishers was established in January of 1972 by brothers Stuart "Buz" and Larry Teacher and was headquartered at 38 South 19th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From the company's beginnings until Larry retired in 1993, Buz Teacher headed the production and design departments, while Larry Teacher focused on editorial and contractual duties. Such were the primary, but not exclusive, functions of each, as both brothers managed the sales force and would constantly flow into the other's areas, providing opinions and feedback on business decisions

Within five years, Running Press had four titles on the American Booksellers Association's basic stock list. As they expanded from "a small, folksy little company," their headquarters moved out of 38 South 19th Street. Running Press' new headquarters were located at 125 South 22nd Street in Philadelphia, in a Victorian carved-brownstone mansion built in 1889 by John Christian Bullitt. After Running Press restoring the building, it was named to the National Register of Historic Places.

Buz was publisher and CEO of Running Press from 1972 to March 2003. During that time, the company had more than 100 employees, published 220 new titles each year and distributed their books worldwide. In the late 1980s, Running Press expanded by opening offices in New York and London. By this time, Running Press had established a strong backlist, from which they generated 60% of their yearly sales, a noteworthy accomplishment in the publishing industry.

Buz retired in 2003 from Running Press and became a consultant in the publishing industry as well as a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania Press. Using his industry knowledge, he also served as an expert witness for other publishers involved in various legal issues concerning book publishing. More...


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Best Sellers

  • Sisters (1994)
  • Daughters and Mothers (1997)
  • Diana: A Tribute to the People's Princess (1997)
  • I Feel Great and You Will Too! (2000)

  Other Running Press titles of note include:

  • The Flowering of American Folk Art with the Whitney Museum
  • Calder's Universe, the definitive book on Alexander Calder's life and work
  • The Windsor Style in America: The Definitive Pictorial Study of the History and Regional Characteristics of the Most Popular Furniture Form of 18th Century America
  • Sir Winston Churchill: His Life And His Paintings
  • Women of Words
  • Masterpieces of American Jewelry
  • Strange Fruit

The Collections at the Penn Libraries

In 2008, Buz Teacher and his partner Janet Bukovinsky, donated to the University of Pennsylvania Libraries the business papers of the Running Press representing the Press's activities from it inception in 1973 to 2003. The papers are processed and a finding aid was produced to enable researchers to peruse the contents of this publisher's archive.

In addition to the donation of the Running Press Archive, Buz Teacher donated a complete run of Running Press imprints including foreign language editions. In addition, Buz has made arrangements with the Running Press to send new Running Press titles thus insuring that titles published by the press will continue to be archived by the Rare Book and Manuscript Library. An inventory of Running Press titles is available on line for examination.


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