Finding Articles
*If you know which article you seek, use Penn*Text Article Finder.
*Some article search engines offer the complete text of articles. Others list only the citation, along with the PennText button. PennText will lead you to the online full text, if available, or to a printed copy of the journal in the Penn Library.
Article Search Engines by Subject
General Article Search Engines
Ebsco MegaFILE
General, multidisciplinary database covering all scholarly disciplines, with many general and popular magazines and news sources. Coverage varies, mostly from the 1990s forward, but also includes some much older journals and magazines.
ISI Web of Science
Indexes journals in the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Arts & Humanities. In addition to keyword searching, you can search for articles that cite a known author or work. The index extends back to 1945 and is updated weekly.