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Google Scholar

Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is a product from Google that indexes a subset of scholarly literature in all fields. Coverage appears to be strongest in science and technology, and for scholarship that is available online. Google Scholar indexes the full text of scholarly literature in a wide range of research areas and includes pointers to books, articles in peer-reviewed journals, preprints, and technical reports.

Are all of the sources in Google Scholar scholarly?

No. Google Scholar indexes many scholarly sources, but also includes sites that are not scholarly. Use the same criteria for evaluating sources from Google Scholar as you would from Google.

How can I use Google Scholar to access free fulltext?

Use the searchbox above or search through FindIt! on the library homepage to access Google Scholar. Google Scholar indexes publisher websites, which often offer to sell access to journal articles. Do not pay for articles. The Penn Library subscribes to many thousands of e-journals through various sources. Access Google Scholar through the Penn Library and look for the PennText link within hits to see the fulltext when we have it, or to use Interlibrary Loan to request copies of articles we don't have.