PennText Basics
What is PennText?
PennText provides a direct link from database citations to a variety of Penn Library's services, including full-text options, the Franklin catalog, and more.
How do I use PennText?
Click on the PennText Button button to:
  • Get the online full-text of the article, if available
  • Check the Franklin catalog to see if Penn Library owns the article or book in print
  • Request the item through Interlibrary Loan, if the Penn Library doesn't own it
The Library does not have the article I need. What do I do?
If there is no full-text available and you have checked Franklin to see if the Library has a print copy, you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan. From the PennText screen, select the Penn Library Interlibrary Loan link. This will take you to the request form. Fill in as many blanks as you can. Interlibrary Loan will get a copy of the article for you from another institution. This will normally take about a week, so you will need to plan ahead. You will receive an email when your article is available for viewing on the web. If you are looking for a book that Penn Library does not own, try BorrowDirect+.
There is no PennText button in the database I'm using. What do I do?
If the database you are using is not PennText enabled, click here to fill in your search.

For more information on using PennText, visit our PennText FAQ or ASK A LIBRARIAN for HELP.