Public Opinion Basics
Polling Questions and Opinions
iPOLL. Roper Center for Public Opinion Research. 1935-present. Daily updates.
The preeminent database of individual poll questions, covering almost half a million questions from reported survey results received at the Roper Center that have US national adult samples or samples of any subpopulation that constitutes a large segment of the national adult population. Data sets for polls represented in iPOLL are distributed by the Roper Center, but many poll data sets are not available.
Location: iPOLL (via Penn Library Web) - requires free registration
Gallup Poll News Service
The Gallup Poll News Service provides news centered on public opinion. Published each business day, articles from the Gallup Poll News Service analyze findings and trends in politics, business, social issues, and Americans' lifestyles. From February 20, 2003 through current
Location: LexisNexis Academic (via Penn Library Web)
Polling the Nations. ORS Publishing. 1986-present. Monthly updates.
Half a million questions from a wide variety of surveys, including commercial surveys and foreign surveys. Very difficult to reconstruct questionnaires. Source data may be impossible to obtain. Continues print/fiche set, American Public Opinion Index and American Public Opinion Data.
Location: Polling the Nations (via Penn Library Web)
General Social Survey 1972-2002 Quick Tables (with charts). National Opinion Research Center and Computer-assisted Survey Methods Program, University of California, Berkeley.
Handy crosstabulation generator for the preeminent U.S. annual or biennial social survey, covering many topics.
Location: Berkeley SDA web
Overviews of Opinion on the Major Issues
Public Opinion Matters.
Samples of polling data on a wide range of topics. New articles are added monthly from the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research's archives. Includes highlights from the magazine, Public Perspective.
Location: Roper Center web
Public Agenda Issue Guides.
Facts, figures, and analysis of public attitudes on many U.S. social and economic issues.
Location: Public Agenda web

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