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Submission of Materials for Electronic Reserves

The Library will scan reserve materials and make them available through the Files Section of a Canvas course. (Faculty also may continue to use the Library's traditional reserve services for printed books, personal copies, photocopies.)

What you need to know and how you can help:

  1. Reserve staff will scan individual articles or papers submitted for reserves if the copy submitted is of good quality and printed on a single side. Clean copies of articles make legible scans. Single-sided copies scan faster.

  2. Bulkpacks are not eligible for scanning, but individual articles will be accepted.

  3. If you have electronic materials, such as a syllabus, old exams, or problem sets, we can also make them available.

  4. First come, first served. Please give us your reserve materials as soon as possible.

  5. If the article or document you want placed on reserve is in electronic form, just send us the file or the URL and we will link directly to the e-version. Do not bother to print it out.

  6. If possible, note the full citation on page one of each e-reserve. Students need this information.

  7. Please read the Library's statement on Copyright and Course Reserves.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please ask the Reserve Staff Contacts at your Library.