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MathSciNet: Comprehensive database covering the world's mathematical literature. Access over 70 years of Mathematical Reviews and bibliographic data back to the 1800s.
Zentralblatt MATH: The world's most complete and longest running abstracting and reviewing service in pure and applied mathematics.
JSTOR: Provides full-text access starting with volume 1 to approximately the year 2009 of major math journals. Current content of some MAA journals is available.
Mathematics arXiv Front End: Database of abstracts of new and revised articles from the Mathematics arXiv main site.
ADS: NASA Astrophysics Data System: NASA-funded bibliographic databases: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Instrumentation, Physics and Geophysics, and preprints in Astronomy.
ArXiv: E-print service for physics, mathematics, non-linear science, computer science and quantitative biology.
Inspec: Provides bibliographic abstracts, conference proceedings, technical reports and more in the fields of science and technology.
Web of Science: Topic and cited reference searching of scientific literature.
INSPIRE: High-energy physics journal papers, preprints, technical reports, conference papers, experiments, jobs, citation data and theses. Includes LHC experimental notes.
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