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1st - 4th floors
of Fisher Fine Arts Library
Carrels, 100s, 1st floor
Carrels, 200s, 2nd floor
Carrels, 300s, 3rd floor
Carrels, 500s, 3rd floor
Carrels, 400s, 4th floor

Carrels are reserved for registered carrel users. Here's how to register.

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The Fisher Fine Arts Library provides study carrels and art shelves for students to reserve for the duration of the academic year. The benefit of using a carrel or art shelf is that one can check materials out to either location and maintain a core collection of materials in one place. These materials are not to leave the building and are subject to recalls. PennDesign and History of Art graduate students in a PhD program or last year of Master's study are given priority; students at other points in their programs and seniors embarking on their senior essay will be placed on a wait list first. For more information or to reserve a carrel or shelf, please contact Robert Lawley in the Fisher. You may also submit your application for a carrel via the Fine Arts Library Carrel Application.

Food & drink rules

Food is not permitted. Drinks must be in a closed container.