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Image of computer workstations at Atwood Veterinary Library

Computer workstations in the center of the Library.

Image of computer workstations in the Fairchild Electronic Classroom at Atwood Veterinary Library

Computer workstations in the Fairchild Electronic Classroom.

Logging In

There are two main "zones" for computer workstations in the Library:

  • A table with twelve workstations and a printing station, located just beyond the staff areas as you enter the Library.
  • The Fairchild Electronic Classroom and computing laboratory, which has 11 workstations and an instructor's multimedia control podium, and the Library's four group study rooms.

The computers in the electronic classroom and in the group study rooms must be logged into with your Penn Vet Domain credentials (the same username and password you use to log into,, etc.), while the computers in the rest of the library must be logged into with your PennKey and password.

Other Computing Resources in the Library

A Digital Media Laboratory and four group study rooms are available for use in the Library. The Digital Media Laboratory has two Apple computers equipped with digital media editing software, flatbed and slide scanners, and DVD and VHS video playback equipment. The group study rooms each have a PC with a wide-screen, wall-mounted monitor. A computer workstation for scanning books and articles is also available in the photocopying room.


With the exception of the workstations in the Digital Media Laboratory and group study rooms, all computers run Windows 7, and are equipped with the following software:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 & Office 2013
  • OpenOffice
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (includes: Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Fireworks, Brdige, Acrobat Pro)
  • RefWorks citation management software
  • EndNote citation management software
  • SPSS Statistics 21
  • SAS 9.3
  • Maple
  • NAVLE Exam Practice
  • GenoPro
  • Glass Dog
  • ...and more!

Surgeries of the Abomasum in Cattle (a.k.a. "Glass Cow") is available on a laptop that can be checked out at the front desk for details.


Wireless internet access is available throughout the library, and visitors are welcome to use their own laptop computers. Laptop computers and laptop locks can also be borrowed for a period of four hours from the front desk. (Click for more information.) Configuration and troubleshooting information for wireless connections can be found at the AirPennNet page.


Black-and-white printing is available from library workstations and laptops using PennCash and Pharos. Currently, it is not possible to print directly to PaperCut Hill Vending printer.

Color printing is also available from library workshops and laptops using PennCash and Pharos.

Detailed pricing information is available at: Printing in the Libraries.

  • See Public Printing Instructions for instructions on printing from library workstations.
  • See Printing from Your Computer for instructions on printing from your own laptop.
  • Penn Vet students, faculty, and staff can also use PaperCut to print over the web from their own computers, without installing printer software. You can use PaperCut one of two ways: 1) Log into one of the computers in the Fairchild Electronic Classroom. You should have direct access to your PaperCut account from any of these computers. 2) Log into the PaperCut system online using your Penn Vet Domain credentials, then click Web Print, and then Submit a Job. Select your printing location and number of copies, then upload your document. Please note that the printers in the Library are not a location available for printing through PaperCut. You may, however, print instead to other areas within the Hill Pavilion.
Saving Files

When using library computer workstations, please remember to back up your work! If you don't have access to a flash drive, two 1 GB drives are available for loan from the front desk. (Click here for more information.) It is also possible to save files to your home directory on To do so, log into, and click the link "Home Directory ("Q" drive)." In this area you can upload, download, and organize files. Note: If you are logged into one of the computers in the Fairchild Electronic Classroom (which are in the Penn Vet domain), you should have direct access to this drive as a mapped network drive on the computer.

Map of locations for computing at Atwood Library

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