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Digital Laboratory

Image of the Digital Laboratory

The Digital Laboratory.

The Digital Laboratory is available for members of the Vet community to use for multimedia editing and processing, as well as viewing DVD and VHS videos.

The Digital Laboratory offers the following equipment:

  • Two Apple computer workstations. These are equipped with software for video and audio post-production, digital image and web editing, and other multimedia applications.
  • Two flatbed scanners and a slide scanner. Instructions for scanning slides can be found on the computer table in the digital lab.
  • VHS and DVD video playback equipment. Headphones can be borrowed from the Library front desk.

The computers in the Digital Laboratory are equipped with the following software:

  • Final Cut Pro
  • iMovie HD
  • Garage Band
  • Comic Life
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office
  • ...and more!

Map of the Digital Laboratory's location

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