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The nearest available restrooms to the Library can be found by exiting the library through the gate, turning left and walking to the end of the central hallway, then turning left again.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located in the open area just outside the library. Exit the library thorugh the gate, turn left, and you will find the machines in the small alcove on the right-hand side, just past the stairs. Also located in the vending area are two printers with black/white double-sided printing capabilities. These printers operate via the PaperCut network.


Penn Vet students, faculty, and staff can use PaperCut to print over the web from their own computers, without installing printer software. You can use PaperCut one of two ways: 1) Log into one of the computers in the Fairchild Electronic Classroom. You should have direct access to your PaperCut account from any of these computers. 2) Log into the PaperCut system online using your Penn Vet Domain credentials, then click Web Print, and then Submit a Job. Select your printing location and number of copies, then upload your document. Please note that the printers in the Library are not a location available for printing through PaperCut. You may, however, print instead to other areas within the Hill Pavilion.

Map of Atwood Library
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Students collaborating

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