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Photocopying Room

Image of the photocopying room at Atwood Veterinary Library

The photocopying room.

Pharos pay station

Pharos pay station.


The equipment available in the photocopying room is as follows:

  • A color printer with double-sided printing capabilities, which operates on the Pharos network.
  • Two black-and-white photocopiers, which can be operated using either change or PennCards/PennCash cards.
  • A computer workstation with an attached flatbed scanner that can capture black-and-white or color originals. (A set of scanning instructions can be found next to this workstation.)
  • A PennCard/PennCash machine which can be used to add funds to a PennCard or PennCash card, or to dispense a PennCash card with an initial value of $1.00.
  • A paper cutter and staplers.

Additional paper supplies for the printer and copiers can be obtained by asking at the Library front desk.


Color Printing
The cost for color printing is $.28/page single-sided, and $.40/sheet double-sided. Payment is exchanged through the Pharos network. Funds are deducted from the amount allotted on your PennCard.
If using cash, the price for 1 side of 1 page is $.10. The price per side when using PennCash is $.08. See the chart of Photocopying payment options for details.


Members of the Penn community may load funds on their PennCards, which can be used for copying, printing, etc. Visitors can purchase PennCash cards with an initial value of $1.00 each, which they may then load with funds.

Map of the photocopying room's location at Atwood Library

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