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Warhol Wednesdays

Screening of Niagara (1953), directed by Henry Hathaway

Niagara (1953) movie poster

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

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Join Director of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library and Curator of Manuscripts,  David McKnight in a special screening of Niagara, Henry Hathaway’s film-noir thriller starring Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotton, Jean Peters and Max Schowalter. The film was Twentieth Century Fox’s biggest box office hit in 1953. Unusual not only for its dramatic location at Niagara Falls (the Canadian side), Hathaway decided to photograph the film in color not black and white. 

In the case of Marilyn Monroe, this would be her big break. After the success of Niagara, Monroe would star in two subsequent box office hits: Gentleman Prefer Blondes (1953)  and How to Marry A Millionaire (1953).

Nine years later Monroe died in 1962 in Hollywood, after which the actor was celebrated as a tragic yet transcendent sex goddess and memorialized in print. Pop artists, like Andy Warhol, were  fascinated with Marilyn Monroe. Soon after the actor’s suicide on August 5, 1962 Warhol decided to pay tribute to Monroe in a work of art. 

Searching through old photographs, Warhol  discovered Eugene Korman’s 1953 publicity photograph of Marilyn Monroe which he transformed into his iconic screenprint portrait of Marilyn. 


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