Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center - ground floor

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Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, ground floor plan including accessible entrance

Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, ground floor plan

Expandable floor plan.

Accessible entrance and Undergrad Study Center

The accessible entrance to the building is located on the south side of the ground floor's east wing. A railing is on the right as you approach the entrance. A door-opening plate is mounted at the end of the railing farthest from the door.

The entrance is to the left of the railing. To reach the bookdrop, walk with the railing on your left. The bookdrop and the entrance are adjacent along the wall, but access to them is separate because of the railing.

This entrance gives access to the Goldstein Undergraduate Study Center (USC) when the rest of the building is closed. The USC usually has extended hours and is open all night Sunday through Friday during the academically busy weeks of the year: See the hours calendar.

What's in the Undergrad Study Center

The USC includes the LTS and ISC Tech Center, Brownlee Group Study Suite, Rooms G101.2 G101.3, Stovall Dickey Group Study Room, Room G101.1, PennCash Center, Rosengarten Reserve Quiet Study Area, Long Island Friends of Penn Computer Area, Rosengarten Reserve Desk, Ebert Lounge, Class of 1963 Group Study Suite, Rooms G101.7, G101.8, G101.9, G101.10, Assistive Technologies Room G101.11, Libraries Technology Center, Class of 1964 Reading Area, Newspapers, Lockers 1-48, lockers 301-314, Mark's Cafe, men's bathrooms and women's bathrooms.

Staff spaces on the ground floor

Staff areas on the ground floor include departments of the Patricia & Bernard Goldstein Information Processing Center (IPC), Glossberg Staff Lounge, SCETI (Schoenberg Center for Text & Image), and the LTS Conference Room in the Technology Center.