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  • If a book/item's call number begins with a prefix (for example Diss., Videorecording, folio), then that book/item is in a Special Location, listed below.
  • Lippincott Library items are located on floors 2 and 3 in the west side (the Dietrich wing) of the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center.

For assistance, please call the Van Pelt Reference desk at 215-898-7556.

View individual floor plans for the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center.

Library of Congress Call Numbers

  Subject Floor
A General Works 3 West
B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion 4 East
C History: Auxiliary Sciences 5 East
D History: General and European 5 East & West
E History: United States 5 West
F History: Western Hemisphere 5 West
G Geography, Anthropology, Recreation 5 West
H Social Science, Economics, Sociology 4 East
J Political Science 4 East & West
K Law 4 West
L Education 4 West
M Music 4 West
NX Fine Arts 3 East
P Literature and Languages 3 East
& West
Q Science 3 West
R Medicine 3 West
S Agriculture 3 West
T Technology 3 West
U Military Science 3 West
V Naval Science 3 West
Z Bibliography and Library Science 3 West


Dewey Decimal Call Numbers

  Subject Floor
00-59 General and Bibliography LIBRA
60-99 General and Bibliography LIBRA
100 Philosophy and Psychology LIBRA
200 Religion LIBRA
300 Social Science LIBRA
400 Languages and Linguistics LIBRA
500 Natural Sciences and Mathematics LIBRA
600 Technology and Applied Sciences LIBRA
700 The Arts LIBRA
780-789 Music LIBRA
800 Literature and Rhetoric LIBRA
900 Geography and History 4 West


Special Locations in Van Pelt - Dietrich

Prefix Special location
Bestsellers Lee Lounge, 1 East
Chinese Chinese Collection, 5 West
East Asia East Asia Collection, 5 West
E.F. Smith Edgar Fahs Smith Collection, Request at RBML Reading Room, 6 East
Folio Oversized book, 4 East
Furness Furness Library, 6 East
Information Desk 1 East, by library entrance
Japanese East Asia Collection, 5 West
Lea Library Henry C. Lea Library, Request at RBML Reading Room, 6 East
Lippincott, Lipp Lippincott Library, 2 & 3 West
Marian Anderson Music Study Ctr., 4 West
New Book Display Van Pelt Lobby
Oriental Shelved by call number in the stacks
Ormandy Music & Media Center 4 West
Penniman Shelved by call number in the stacks
RBC Rare Book and MSS, 6 East
Reference, Ref 1 East
Social Work Shelved by call number in the stacks
Special Rare Book & Mss, 6 East
LIBRA LIBRA Collection. Use "Place Request" in Franklin Catalog.
Videos Request at Circulation Desk
Yarnall Yarnall Collection, 4 West


Seminar Rooms

Prefix Special location
Africana Studies Class of '79 Africana Resource Room
room 305
3rd Floor, East
Classics Class of '74 Classics Resource Room
room 301
3rd Floor, East
East Asia East Asian Studies Seminar Room
room 526
5th Floor, West
Judaica/Ancient Near East Weigle Judaica/Ancient Near East Studies Seminar Room
room 401
4th Floor, East
Marian Anderson
Marian Anderson Music Library Center
room 452
4th Floor, West
Medieval Weigle Medieval Studies Seminar Room
room 405
4rd Floor, East
Middle East Middle East Studies Seminar Room
room 523
5th Floor, West
South Asia Regional Studies South Asia Regional Studies Seminar Room
room 551
5th Floor, West