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The Penn Libraries will advance knowledge to power Penn and better the world.


The Penn Libraries partners with communities at Penn and beyond to produce, preserve, and provide access to knowledge.Together we build dynamic resources, tools, and expertise that inspire critical inquiry and creative expression.

Peter Stallybrass and students examine materials from the Walt Whitman collection.


As part of the strategic planning process, all Penn Libraries staff were invited to participate in a series of interactive sessions to define shared organizational values. These values clarify the essential elements of our future and our aim continually to shape a library system where both staff and patrons thrive.

The Penn Libraries’ staff value:

  • Communication,
     recognizing the importance of relaying essential and accurate information clearly, openly, and in a timely manner for the health of our organization.
  • Empowerment,
     providing the tools and support necessary to create an agile, adaptable, and resilient workforce.
  • Collaboration,
     sharing information, ideas, and approaches and connecting with colleagues across the Libraries, at Penn, and beyond.
  • Innovation,
    encouraging experimentation and risk-taking in initiating creative approaches to current challenges and new directions.
  • Respect,
     acknowledging the value of every individual within our organization and their contributions to its success.
  • Transparency,
     acting with clarity, honesty, and integrity.