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From Traditional to Alternative – Religious Movements Unique to America

Posted on by David Azzolina
University of the Universe

The core of the newly purchased Religions of America database is the J. Gordon Melton collection, now housed at UCSB.  Melton, a major scholar in American religious culture, collected material on religion that most libraries would usually ignore. Ephemera concerned new religious movements that were often difficult to locate with the usual channels that libraries would have access to.

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Diversity in the stacks

Diversity in the (Virtual) Stacks: Sexual Minorities

Posted on by David Azzolina
Marsha P. Johnson

If you were to go into a library fifty years ago and browse the card catalog, under the subjects “homosexuality” and “lesbianism” you would find a card that read, “see also sexual perversion.” Under “sexual perversion,” another card would suggest that you also consult “homosexuality” and “lesbianism.” It wasn’t until 1973, in fact, that the American Psychiatric Association ceased to classify homosexuality and lesbianism as pathologies.

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