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Collaborative Assessment: Penn's MetriDoc Initiative with the IvyPlus

Posted on by Joseph Zucca

In July of 2019, I gave a paper at the 13th International Conference on Performance Measures in Libraries --the oldest and most venerable library assessment conference, held in Aberystwyth, Wales.  The paper discusses development of the Resources Sharing Assessment Tool (RSAT) created collaboratively by Penn and the Ivy Plus Library Confederation (IPLC).  After a brief overview of the IPLC, the paper explores a major problem of library assessment, that is, the paucity of access to troves of interesting library activity data locked up in the various business systems we use, like the ILS.  MetriDoc is presented as one key to solving this problem: the development of computing infrastructure that harvests, normalizes and stores activity data across disparate systems. In the IT world, these systems are often referred to as ETL (short for Extract, Transform, Load). The majority of the paper demonstrates a typical workflow for analysts, from data collection to clean up and statistical analysis using Tableau and other applications.  The paper closes with a review of the administrative and policy challenges raised by collaborative assessment efforts.  An annotated Powerpoint presentation accompanied the paper and can be accessed from Research Gate at this address:


Using Suma to count people and activities within a space
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