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Eduroam access available to Library staff

Posted on March 11, 2019 by Leslie Vallhonrat

The University has recently completed some important upgrades and configuration changes to wireless networking on campus and for Penn community members off-campus. One highlight is enabling eduroam access for students, staff, and faculty.  

- What is eduroam?
eduroam (education roaming) is a secured wireless network that allows students, faculty and staff to use their home institution's credentials (for Penn affiliates, their PennKey) to access wireless network services when visiting other eduroam participating institutions without having to set up a guest account.  There are close to 250 domestic participating institutions and many more overseas.

- What does this mean?
Once your wifi enabled device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) is configured for eduroam access, you’ll be able to get online at any participating intuition without any assistance or wait.

- What else does this mean?
Visitors to Penn from other eduroam affiliated institutions can now access wifi here at Penn using the eduroam network.  In addition to the AirPennNet networks available on campus, you’ll now see “eduroam” listed as well.  Visitors to Penn from other institutions that participate in eduroam should obtain configuration instructions and installation software from their home institution.

- How do I learn more and configure my device?

Penn’s eduroam information along with setup instructions are available here:

eduroam website:

List of US eduroam institutions:


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