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History of Computing

The University of Pennsylvania has an important role in the early history of modern computing. Collections in this field are significant and include early materials from John W. Mauchly as well as contemporary research.

Dramatic view of Jerusalem looking toward the Mosque of Omar / Temple Mount.

Holy Land Collections

Penn's libraries are home to a wide range of special and general collections related to the Holy Land.

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Immigrant and Refugee Experiences in Children’s and Young Adult Literature

The Penn Libraries is actively expanding its collection of children’s and young adult literatures with the goal of privileging diverse voices, cultures, and perspectives. Recently, an internal collection development grant enabled the Libraries to narrow in on juvenile literatures that focus on immigrant and refugee communities in the United States.

Immigrant Literature

Given the unique experiences of immigrants and the too-frequent lack of understanding by others, immigrant fiction can play an important role in speaking to and legitimizing the experiences of some, and in informing and enlightening others.

Incunable Collection

The Kislak Center holds over 560 exemplars of books printed in Europe from movable type before 1501. Sixty-six of these titles are the only recorded copies in North America. These volumes contain texts in religion, philosophy, and ancient and modern literature. This collection group includes includes incunables from the Henry Charles Lea Library and the Yarnall Library of Theology.