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Charles, Comte de Rechberg
Les Peuples de la Russie . . ., Vol. 1
Paris: Printed for D. Colas, 1812
Robert Melville Grindlay
Scenery, Costumes and Architecture Chiefly on the Western Side of India, Vol. 2
London: Printed for Smith Elder & Co., 1826
Luigi Mayer
Views in Palestine, from Original Drawings of Luigi Mayer
London: Printed for R. Bower, 1804
Pavel Svin'in
Sketches of Russia; Illustrated with Fifteen Engravings
London: Printed [by J. Diggens] for R. Ackermann, 1814
Thomas Daniell and William Daniell
A Picturesque Voyage to India; by way of China
London: Printed [by Thomas Davidson] for Longmann, Hurst and Rees and Orme, Paternoster-Row; and William Daniell, No. 9, Cleveland Street, Fitzroy Square, 1810
Fifty aquatint plates, each drawn and engraved by Thomas and William Daniell
full color illustration of French forces encountering the provincial peoples of Russia
bronzed sepia tone illustration of an Indian palace sporting ornate columns and statues with western travelers examining the structure
full color illustration of a group of Palestinian men gathered around a light amid brick buildings
full color illustration of the riverside of the St. Petersburg Exchange, a columned building in classical style with sailing ships along the river passing by
full color illustration of a south asian landscape featuring local building, forests, palm trees, and a water way with small boats