Ms. Roll 1066: Transcription Conventions

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Line length varies widely in the manuscript.  A manuscript line may wrap through multiple transcript lines.  A blank line in the transcription represents the end of a manuscript line.  If the last word of a manuscript line continues to the following line, a hyphen (-) is supplied without brackets.

Slash marks in the transcription represent slash marks in the manuscript, which frequently appear in the middle of lines.

Bracketed letters in the transcription represent expansions of abbreviations in the manuscript text, including any superscript letters in the manuscript.

Capitalization in the transcription attempts to follow exactly the inconsistent capitalization of the manuscript, taking more elaborate letter forms, touches of yellow pigment, and double initials as signs of capitalization.

Spelling in the transcription attempts to follow exactly the nonstandard and inconsistent spelling of the manuscript.

The letters u and v are transcribed according to their letter form in the manuscript, not their function as a vowel or consonant.

Numerals in the manuscript, whether roman or arabic, cardinal or ordinal, are preserved in the transcription, with the manuscript's inconsistent capitalization in the roman numerals; declined endings, generally written above the line as an abbreviation, appear in brackets immediately following the number.

The Greek monogram XPC has been expanded to [Christus]; if the last letter of the monogram matches the Latin letter of the corresponding declined form, it appears outside the brackets.

Paraphs (¶) in the manuscript text are included in the transcription.

Ellipses (...) represent text missing due to damage.  Question marks appear in the transcription when a word is written unclearly or there is not a reasonable hypothetical reading of a clear letter or abbreviation mark.

Red text and underlining in the manuscript are not reproduced in the transcription.  Red ink is used most frequently for women's names, but not exclusively.