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Regional science collection development policy

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Because of the interdisciplinary nature of regional science, relevant library materials are present in the collections of the Van Pelt, Lippincott, Fine Arts, and Science and Engineering libraries. The items in the Van Pelt collection focus on general theory and methods, urban and regional economics, development and planning, public policy, location analysis, and migration and demographic change. Although the largest portion of the collection is in English, major European and some other languages are represented as well. Textbooks and dissertations are not collected unless specifically requested. In addition to the subject categories listed below, many of the subjects listed in the collection development policy for economics are also relevant to regional science.

  • Subjects collected and levels of collecting

    Subjects Collected Levels of Collecting Notes
    Energy Management and Policy 3E/3E with Fine Arts, Lippincott, Engineering
    Environmental Policy 3E/3E
    Land Use and Transportation 3E/3E with Fine Arts, Lippincott, Engineering
    Location Theory and Analysis 3E/3E/4E
    Public Policy 3E/3E with Lippincott
    Regional Economics 4E/4E with Lippincott
    Regional Planning 4E/4E with Engineering
    Regional Science-Analytical Techniques 3E/3E/4E with Lippincott, Engineering, Math/Physics/Astronomy
    Regional Science-General and Theoretical Methods 4E/4E with Lippincott
    Resource and Environmental Management 3E/3E with Fine Arts, Lippincott, Engineering
    Spatial Model-Statistics, Analysis 3E/3E/4E with Lippincott, Engineering
    Urban and Regional Development Policy 3F/4F with Lippincott