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Peter Weldon : Battle of Baylen

The Battle of Baylen, and the Surrender of General Dupont to the Patriotic Spanish Army under the Command of Generals Castanos and Reding : an historical and military piece for the piano forte : dedicated to the Supreme Junta of Sevilla, General Castanos and Reding, their brave officers and soldiers, and to all Spanish patriots / por P. W.

New York : P. Weldon, 1809

Title page illustration: infantry massing in the city square of Seville

Internal illustrations: portraits of Generals Palofox, Blake, Cuesta, Castanos, and Reding, and Fernando Septimo (p. 6); portraits of Generals Romano, Sr., O'Neille, and Conde de Florida Blanca (p. 7); the surrender of General Dupont to General Castanos (p. 8); wounded soldiers being administered to on the battlefield (p. 13).

Box 13, no. 4

This illustration is one of five in a series produced for titles issued by or for Weldon 1808-1812. As a whole they are the finest, most professional examples of engraved illustrations used in American sheet music during the period. The engraving was most likely done by William S. Leney, an immigrant English artist who worked in New York between 1805 and 1820.

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Battle of Baylen

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