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Philadelphia Composers: James Bellak

Little is known about the life of James Bellak. He was a remarkably prolific composer of sentimental songs and piano pieces. The popularity of his music coincided with the increasing presence of the piano in American homes in the 1860s.

Compositions and Arrangements by Bellak in the Collection

Item No.TitleImprintPlate No.Illustration
Box 16
no. 14
The Capitoline March : introducing Charles Carroll Sawyer's beautiful ballad "Who Will Care for Mother Now" / arranged for the piano by James Bellak Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1863 8927.4 None
Box 16
no. 18
Col. Elsworth [ie. Ellsworth] Funeral March / by Sep. Winner ; arr. by James Bellak Philadelphia :Lee & Walker, 1864
Series: Melodeon at Home, no. 7
None None
Box 15
no. 27
General Pope's Grand March : respectfully dedicated to Major General Pope / [James Bellak] Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1862 8632.4 Portrait of General John Pope / T. Sinclair's Lith.
Box 20
no. 24
The Jolly Old Crow : a celebrated Ethiopian song : as sung by the Virginia Serenaders / composed for the piano forte by James Bellak Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1848 721.4 A farmer in a field looking up at a crow in a tree
Box 32
no. 49
La Juive = The Jewess : Twinkling Stars, no. 21 / by Halevy ; [arranged] by J. Bellak Philadelphia : G. Andre, 1859 None None
Box 27
no. 7
The Ledger Polka : dedicated to the Public Ledger Philada. / by James Bellak Philadelphia : Edward L. Walker, 1849 None Public Ledger Building at Third and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia
Box 32
no. 54
Martha : Twinkling Stars, no. 16 / by J. Bellak Philadelphia : G. Andre & Co., 1859 None None
Box 36a
no. 26
La Modestie : polka de salon / composée par James Bellak Philadelphia : Smith & Roddon, 1850 None None
Box 32
no. 61
La Pardon de Ploërmel : Twinkling Stars, no. 20 / [by James Bellak] Philadelphia : Beck & Lawton, 1859 None None
Box 36
no. 37
Polka for the Million : op. 103 / by James Bellak Philadelphia : J. E. Gould, 1853 None None
Box 11
no. 73
The True Friend : a ballad : sung with great applause at all the fashionable concerts by J. Quayle / music by Jas. Bellak ; written by J. W. Watson ; and respectfully dedicated to Miss M. E. Lake Philadelphia : E. Ferrett & Co., 1848 None Set in caption: a mother and child standing before a mirror
Box 32
no. 73
Yankee Doodle with Variations : National Melodies, no. 6 / J. Bellak Cincinnati : W. C. Peters, 1857 2732 None


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