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William Penn Keffer Collection of Sheet Music,
ca. 1790-1895

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Philadelphia Composers

The following is a list of prominent Philadelphia composers whose works are in the collection. Clicking on a composer's name will lead to biographical information and a list of works by the composer in the collection.

Philadelphia Composers in the Keffer Collection
Beckel, J. C. (James Cox), 1811-1880. Johnson, Francis, 1792-1844.
Becket, Thomas à, ca. 1817-ca. 1871. Kneass, Nelson, 1823-1868 or 69.
Becket, Thomas à, 1843-1918.Lenschow, C. (Charles), d. 1890.
Bellak, Ja's (James) Mack, E. (Edward), d. 1882.
Bernhardt, Lewis F. Meignen, Leopold, 1793-1873.
Candidus, William, 1840-1910. Milburn, Richard James, b. ca. 1814.
Capron, Henri. Moller, John Christopher, 1755-1803.
Carr, Benjamin, 1768-1831. Phile, Philip, d. 1793.
Christy, Edwin Pearce, 1815-1862. Reinagle, Alexander, 1756-1809.
Connor, Aaron J. R., d. 1850.Sanford, James, 1814-1855.
Cross, Benjamin, 1786-1857 Schetky, George, 1776-1831.
Fry, William Henry, 1813-1864.Taws, Joseph C.
Gilles, Peter, 1776-1839.Taylor, Raynor, 1747-1825.
Hassler, Mark, 1834-1906.Winner, Joseph Eastburn, 1837-1918.
Hemmenway, James, 1800-1849. Winner, Septimus, 1827-1902.
Hupfield (Hupfeld), Charles Frederic, 1787-1864. Zeuner, Charles, 1795-1857.
Jarvis, Charles W., 1809-1871.

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