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ca. 1790-1895

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Topics: Confederate Imprints

There are approximately twenty-nine items in the collection that were published in the Confederate States during the Civil War.

A Selection of Confederate Imprints in the Collection
Item No.TitleImprintPlate No.Illustration
Box 19
no. 2
The Bonnie Blue Flag : a Southern patriotic song / written, arranged and sung at his personation concerts by Harry Macarthy, the Arkansas comedian Augusta, Ga. : Blackmar & Bro., 1861 None None
Box 19
no. 5
Close Up the Ranks : by permission respectfully inscribed to Miss Constance Cary / composed by a refugee in London ; addressed to soldier comrades in the field by Chaplain Cameron Richmond, Va. : Geo. Dunn & Comy., 1864 None Portrait of Chaplain Cameron in caption
Box 19
no. 8
Dear Mother I've Come Home to Die : song / words by E. Bowers ; music by Henry Tucker Richmond, Va. : Geo. Dunn & Compy., 1863 None None
Box 19
no. 10
The Dying Soldier, or The Moon Rose O'er the Battle Plain : composed for the piano forte Richmond, Va. : J. W. Davies & Sons, 1864 None None
Box 19
no. 12
Farewell to the Star Spangled Banner : arranged for the piano forte & guitar : respectfully dedicated to the Army & Navy of the C.S.A. Richmond, Va. : J. W. Davies & Sons, 1864 or 1865 None None
Box 19
no. 32
No Surrender : song / music by C. C. Mera Richmond, Va. : Geo. Dunn & Compy., 1864 None Two battle scenes: a Confederate officer leading his men into battle, and a naval shelling of a fort
Box 19
no. 17
Our National Confederate Anthem : God Save the South / the text by Ernest Halpin ; composed by C. T. de Coniel Richmond, Va. : published by the composer, 1861? None Confederate soldier kneeling on a battlefield. He is holding a Confederate flag bearing the words "God save the South" / Lith. by E. Crehen
Box 19
no. 44
The Star Spangled Cross and the Pure Field of White / written and composed by Subaltern Richmond, Va. : Geo. Dunn & Compy., 1864 None Confederate flag
Box 19
no. 51
There's Life in the Old Land Yet / poetry by Jas. R. Randall ; music by Edward Eaton Augusta, Ga. : Blackmar & Bro., between 1862 and 1865 None An anchor / lith. of B. Duncan & Co.
Box 19
no. 53
The Unknown Dead : as sung by Miss Ella Wren / written and composed by John H. Hewitt Macon and Savannah, Ga. : John C. Schreiner & Son, 1863 None None
Box 19
no. 54
Virginia / words by Tip Smith Richmond, Va. : J. W. Randolph, 186- None None
Box 19
no. 55
Virginian Marseillaise / composed & arranged for the voice & piano forte by F. W. Rosier Richmond, Va. : Geo. Dunn & Compy., 1863 None Confederate officer holding a Confederate flag on a battlefield
Box 19
no. 56
Wait Till the War, Love, Is Over : popular song / words by A. J. Andrews ; music by C. W. Burton Richmond, Va. : West & Johnston, 1864 None None
Box 19
no. 57
When This Cruel War Is Over : ballad / words by Charles C. Sawyer ; music by Henry Tucker Richmond, Va. : Geo. Dunn & Compy., 1864 None None

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