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Topics: Portraits of Miscellaneous Civil War Figures

Portraits of Miscellaneous Civil War Figures in the Collection

Item No.FigureTitleImprintPlate No.Illustration
Box 15
no. 46
Anderson, Robert Major R. Anderson's Grand March : op. 1312 / Ch. Grobe Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1861 8195.4 Portrait of Major Robert Anderson / H. Whatley ; T. Sinclair's Lith.
Box 15
no. 7
Bensel, William P. Bensel Quick Step : op. 72 / composed by Wm. Berge New York : Firth, Pond & Co., 1861 5094 Portrait of Captain William P. Bensel / Life Brown del. after Johnston Bros. ; Etta Brandes
Box 41
no. 21
Buell, Don Carlos General Buell's Grand Quick Step / [composed by E. Mack] Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1862 8641.4 Portrait of Major General Buell / T. Sinclair's Lith.
Box 15
no. 19
Corcoran, Michael General Corcoran's Release March / composed and dedicated to Brig. Gen. Michael Corcoran and the gallant 69th N.Y. Regiment by M. B. Clark Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1862 None Portrait of General Corcoran / T. Sinclair's Lith.
Box 14
no. 10
Ellsworth, Elmer Ephraim Col. Ellsworth's Funeral March / composed and respectfully dedicated to francis E. Brownell Esq. by Sep. Winner Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1861 8265.4 Portrait of Colonel Ellsworth / T. Sinclair's Lith.
Box 15
no. 64
Foster, Robert Sanford Rally! Boys, Rally! : marching song of the Grand Army of the Republic : dedicated to Maj. Genl. R. S. Foster / words by Henry Hitchcock ; music by E. T. Blackmer Indianapolis : J. A. Butterfield & Co., 1866 17.3 Portrait of General Foster / J. H. Stallo & Co. Lith.
Box 15
no. 47
Halleck, Henry Wager Gen. Halleck's Grand March : op. 931 / by Sep. Winner Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1862 8638.4 Portrait Major General Halleck / T. Sinclair's Lith.
Box 15
no. 21
Hancock, Winfield Scott General Hancock's Grand March / composed by Sep. Winner Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1864 9065.3 Portrait of General Hancock
Box 15
no. 22
Hooker, Joseph Genl. Hooker's March / composed by E. Jackson Boston : O. Ditson, 1863 21821 Portrait of General Hooker on horseback, leading troops into battle
Box 19
no. 16
Johnston, Joseph E. Genl. Joseph E. Johnston Manassas Quick March / by Adolphus Brown New Orleans : A. E. Blackmar & Bro., 1861 Bl.64 Portrait of General Johnston / J. Lion
Box 15
no. 24
Meade, George Gordon General Meade's Grand March / by Lewis Rymer Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1863 8881.3 Portrait of General Meade / T. Sinclair's Lith.
Box 15
no. 26
Pennypacker, Galusha General Pennypacker's March / by Pierre Latour Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1875 14611.3 Portrait of General Pennypacker / F. Koss ; Thos. Sinclair & Son
Box 15
no. 27
Pope, John General Pope's Grand March : respectfully dedicated to Major General Pope / [James Bellak] Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, 1862 8632.4 Portrait of General Pope / T. Sinclair's Lith.
Box 15
no. 5
Scott, Winfield The American Hero's March / composed and dedicated to Lieut. General Winfield Scott by Francis Barrington Philadelphia : G. André & Co., 1861 G.A. & Co. 549 Portrait of Winfield Scott / Schnabel & Finkeldey Lith.
Box 14
no. 29
Sweeny, Thomas William General Sweeny's Grand March / composed and cordially inscribed to Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Sweeny by John J. Daly New York : John J. Daly, 1863 164 Portrait of General Sweeny with scenes from battles at Wilson's Creek, Corinth, and Shiloh / lith. of Sarony, Major & Knapp
Box 19
no. 35
Collective Portrait Requiem / composed by Jules C. Meininger Louisville, Ky. : McCarrell & Meininger, 1866 45-7 V Portraits of Albert Sidney Johnston, Leonidas Polk, Gabriel James Rains, Ambrose Powell Hill, Jeb Stuart, Stonewall Jackson, and John H. Morgan / lith. by Bennett, Donaldson & Elmes
Box 14
no. 71
Collective Portrait The Union Army March : introducing the German national air "What Is the German's Fatherland?", and the American patriotic song "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean" : dedicated to the commanders, officers & privates of the Army & Navy / by Geor ge A. Mietzke New York : Schuberth & Co., 1861 None Small portraits of William S. Rosencrans, John Ellis Wool, George B. McClellan, Franz Sigel, and Louis Blenker / lith. of Shearman & Hart

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