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Philadelphia Composers and Music Publishers: Mark Hassler (1834-1906)

Mark Hassler, born in Germany, came from a musical family. His father Henry, a violinist and conductor, brought the family to Philadelphia in 1842. Henry Hassler conducted at the Arch Street Theatre in 1844, the Chestnut Street Theatre in 1845, and the Walnut Street Theatre from 1846 to 1855. He was accepted as a member of the Musical Fund Society in 1857. Mark Hassler's brother Simon (1832-1901) also conducted orchestras, at the Walnut Street Theatre from 1865 to 1872, the Chestnut Street Theatre from 1872 to 1882, and the Chestnut Street Opera House from 1882 to 1899. Simon was also a composer of various forms of dance music. He became a member of the Musical Fund Society in 1854.

Mark Hassler directed music with his own orchestra for dance functions throughout the city of Philadelphia, as well as Baltimore, Washington, and Cape May, New Jersey. He was reputedly responsible for introducing the waltzes of Johann Strauss to dance audiences in America. Mark Hassler also composed and arranged dance music for his performances.

Compositions by Hassler in the Collection

Item No.TitleImprintPlate No.Illustration
Box 24
no. 6
Highland Fling Schottische : as performed by Hassler's Band / Mark Hassler Philadelphia : Edward L. Walker, 1855 None None
Box 24
no. 13
A Message from the Battle-Field : ballad / words by a lady ; music by Mark Hassler, respectfully dedictaed to H. T. Helmbold Philadelphia : [M. Hassler], 1864 None Color: wounded soldier in a military hospital, in conversation with two women, a man, and a child / James Queen Lith. ; printed in oil colors by P. S. Duval & Son
Box 24
no. 16
Philadelphia Lancers / composed by Mark Hassler
Series: Bouquets de danse, no. 3
Philadelphia : G. André & Co., 1860 None Decorative title page / R. M. Gaw
Box 24
no. 18
Shadow Dance : from the Opera of Dinorah / [arranged for the piano by Mark Hassler]
Series: Hassler's Journal of New Music, no. 1
Philadelphia : M. Hassler & Co., 1863 None Title set within an ornamental frame / Geo. F. Swain
Box 24
no. 20
Society Schottish : as performed by Hassler's Orchestra / composed & dedicated to the Hebrew Literary Association by Mark Hassler Philadelphia : Edward L. Walker, 1857 None Decorative title page / E. McCarthy
Box 24
no. 23
Sweet Sixteen : polka quadrille / by Mark Hassler Philadelphia : Chas. W. A. Trumpler, 1865 C.W.A.T. 402.7 Decorative title page / Geo. F. Swain
Box 38
no. 30
Trab Trab Galop / arranged for the piano, from the original orchestra edition by Mark Hassler Philadelphia : G. André & Co., 1860 G.A. 458 G. None


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