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Philadelphia Lithographers: George Lehman (d. 1870)

George Lehman, landscape painter and lithographer, was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. By 1830 Lehman had made contact with the Philadelphia engraver and lithographer Cephas G. Childs, and Childs published one of Lehman's views of Bethlehem, Penns ylvania. Lehman continued to provide artwork for the firm of Childs and Inman and he took a place in the firm when Henry Inman retired in 1833. The new firm of Childs & Lehman operated until the end of 1834 when Childs sold his part in the firm to Peter S . Duval and Lehman became part of Lehman & Duval. George Lehman continued in this firm until his resignation in 1837, after which he continued to provide occasional illustrations for Duval.

Illustrations by George Lehman (Lehman & Duval) in the Collection

Item No.TitleImprintPlate No.IllustrationThumbnail Image
Box 13
no. 35
The Pennsylvania March / composed & arranged for the piano forte and dedicated to Comr. Stewart by J. T. Norton Philadelphia : s.n., 1836? None U.S.S. Pennsylvania / Lehman & Duval Lithogs. U.S.S. Pennsylvania
Box 29
no. 16
The Lake of Como : Evening : Hark O'er the Stilly Lake / arranged for the piano forte by G. Hodson Philadelphia : Fiot, Meignen, & Co., 1837 None Two men sitting in foreground, Lake Como in the background / Lehman & Duval Lithrs. Lake Como
Box 29
no. 25
My Normandie = Ma Normandie : romance / composed by Frederic Berat Philadelphia : Fiot, Meignen, & Co., 1837 None Man sitting on a bluff overlooking a house / Lehman & Duval Lithrs. Normandie
Box 13
no. 49
The Varsovian National Hymn : Poles, Awake! Tis Your Day of Glory / composed by K. Kurpinski ; words translated from the Polish & respectfully dedicated to Robert Scott & family by Paul Sobolewski Philadelphia : Fiot, Meignen & Co., 1837 None Battle scene of lancers / Lehman & Duval Lithrs. Varsovian Hymn


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