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ca. 1790-1895

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Philadelphia was a major center of the development of the art of lithography in the United States. The following is a list of Philadelphia lithographic artists whose illustrations are included in the collection. A supplementary list is included for some of the major artists who worked outside of Philadelphia. Links lead to biographical information and lists of illustrations by the artists in the collection, with thumbnail images providing further links to examples of the respective artist's works.

Philadelphia Lithographers in the Keffer Collection
Bigot, Alphonse, ca. 1828-ca. 1873 Lehman, George, d. 1870
Brett, Alphonse Lucas, William B.
Brown, M. E. D. M'Guigan (McGuigan), James
Camp, John Henry, 1822-1881 Newsam, Albert, 1809-1864
Chevalier, J. B. Queen, James, 1824-ca. 1877
Clay, Edward Williams, 1799-1857 Rosenthal, Louis N.
Duval, Peter S., 1804 or 5-1886 Rosenthal, Max, b. 1833
Fabronius, Dominique C. Schmitz, M.
Finkeldey, John F. Schnabel, Edward, b. ca. 1819
Gimber, Stephen H., 1810-1862 Schussele, Christian, 1826?-1879
Hensel, Daniel, b. ca, 1831 Sinclair, Thomas S., ca. 1805-1881
Herline, Edward Traubel, Morris H., 1820-1897
Hunter, Thomas, fl. 1885 Wagner, Thomas S.
Inger, Christian Watson, John Frampton, b. ca. 1805
Kennedy, David Wild, John Caspar, ca. 1804-1846
Kramer, Peter, 1823-1907

New York and Boston

New York and Boston Lithographers
in the Keffer Collection
Bufford, John Henry, 1810-1870 Pendleton, John B., 1798-1866
Currier, Nathaniel, 1813-1886 Pendleton, William S., 1795-1879
Endicott, George, 1802-1848 Sarony, Napoleon, 1821-1896
Endicott, William, 1816-1851 Thayer, Benjamin W., 1814-1875

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