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ca. 1790-1895

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Topics: Portraits of Minstrel Performers

Portraits of Minstrel Performers in the Collection
Item No.FigureTitleImprintPlate No.Illustration
Box 20
no. 46
Buckley, George Swayne Susan's Sunday Out / H. J. Whymark Boston : Oliver Ditson & Co., 1865 23025 Portrait of G. Swaine Buckley / F. Crow ; J. Buffor's Lith.
Box 30
no. 40
Buckley's Serenaders Lilly White / words by C. Hart ; music by Frederick Buckley
Series: Buckley's Melodies, no. 3
New York : Horace Waters, 1854 None Portraits of James, George S., Frederick, and R. Bishop Buckley / Lith. of Sarony & Co.
Box 20
no. 33
Christy, Edwin Pearce Oh! Carry Me Back / as sung by Christy's Minstrels ; [composed by Charles White]
Series: Music of the original Christy Minstrels, the oldest established band in the United States, 17
Also known as: Floating Scow of Old Virginia, and Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
New York : C. Holt, Jr., 1848 None Portrait of Edwin P. Christy and various Christy Minstrels / Lith. of Sarony & Major
Box 31
no. 52
Collins, John H. The Phantom Canoe : Ethiopian ballad / arr. by J. H. Collins
Series: Songs and ballads of the New Orleans Operatic Troupe, no. 7
Philadelphia : J. E. Gould & Co., 1850 None Portrait of John H. Collins
Box 31
no. 33
Emmett, Daniel Decatur The Jolly Raftsman / words by Andrew Evans, and sung by him at his concerts with great success ; [music by D. D. Emmett]
Series: Old Man Emmit's Original Banjo Melodies. Second series
Boston : Keith's Music Publishing House, 1844 291-3 Portrait of Daniel Decatur Emmett surrounded by small figures of minstrel performers / Billings, del. ; Lith. of E. W. Bouvé
Box 20
no. 19
Lucas, Sam Hannah Boil Dat Cannage Down : song & chorus / by Sam Lucas Boston : White, Smith & Co., 1878 2892-3 Portrait of Sam Lucas / Photo Electrotype Co. ; Barritt, del.
Box 20
no. 50
Virginia Serenaders Walk Along John : an admired Southern refrain : as sung by the Virginia Serenaders / written and composed by J. P. Carter Boston : Keith's Music Publishing House, 1844 250-2 Portrait of the Virginia Serenaders (James Sanford, J. Richard Myers, James P. Carter, R. Edwards, Cool White) in blackface costumes and in normal clothes / Thayer & Co.'s Lith.
Box 20
no. 42
White's Serenaders Rosa's Wedding Day / composed and arranged by Chas. White
Series: Ethiopian Melodies of White's Serenaders, 3
New York : Firth, Pond & Co., 1849 323 Portraits of White's Serenaders, Charles White, and Master Marks / Lith. of Sarony & Major

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