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ca. 1790-1895

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Philadelphia Music Publishers

The following list shows the most important Philadelphia music publishers represented in the collection. Dates are included for the years during which they did business in the city. Links to background information are provided for some of the more significant publishers, including those who were also were composers.

Philadelphia Music Publishers in the Keffer Collection
Personal NameFirm Name(s)Years in Philadelphia
Aitken, JohnJohn Aitken1785, 1793-1794, 1796-1811
Alexander, C. W.C. W. Alexander1882
André, GustaveG. André & Co.1850-1879
Andrews, T. C.T. C. Andrews1850s?
Bacon, AllynBacon & Co.
Bacon & Hart
1814-1824, 1833
Bacon, GeorgeGeorge Bacon1819-1824
Beck, James N. James N. Beck
Beck & Lawton
Blake, George E.G. E. Blake1803-1872
Boner, William H.Wm. H. Boner & Co.
Boner & Lee
Boner & Freeman
Capron, HenriMöller & Capron1793-1794
Carr, BenjaminCarr & Co.
Carr & Schetky
Carr, ThomasT. Carr1824-1849
Coulston, William. H.Wm. H. Coulston1859-1864
Duffy, William. F.Wm. F. Duffy & Co.1854
Ferrett, EdmundE. Ferrett & Co.1844-1854
Fiot, Augustus A. Fiot
Fiot, Meignen & Co.
Gould, John E.J. E. Gould & Co.1853-1858
Hassler, MarkM. Hassler1863-1864
Hobson, R. H.R. H. Hobson1829-1834
Holloway, J. StarrJ. Starr Holloway1868-1878
Klemm, John G.J. G. Klemm1818-1881
Kretschmar.Kretschmar & Nunns1834-1836
Lawton, John W.Beck & Lawton
J. W. Lawton
Lee, George W.Lee & Walker1845-1875
Marsh, JohnJohn Marsh1856-1867
M'Culloch, WilliamWilliam M'Culloch1806-1807?
Meignen, LeopoldL. Meignen
Fiot, Meignen & Co.
Meyer, LouisLouis Meyer1864-1876
Meyer, ReedR. Meyer1861-1870
Miller, FrederickMiller & Osbourn
F. W. Miller
Möller, John C.J. C. Möller
Möller & Capron
Munzinger, C.C. Munzinger1860s?
North, Francis A.F. A. North & Co.1870-1890
Nunns, John F.John F. Nunns1834-1842
Osbourn, James G.J. G. Osbourn
Miller & Osbourn
Schetky, GeorgeCarr & Schetky1806-1811
Shaw, William F.W. F. Shaw1870-1886
Smith, Jonathan C.J. C. Smith1840-1843
Smith, William R.Wm. R. Smith1858-1881
Stayman, John K.Stayman & Brothers1850s
Taws, CharlesC. Taws1800-1833
Trumpler, Charles W. A.C. W. A. Trumpler1863-1872
Walker, Edward L.E. L. Walker1849-1857
Walker, JuliusLee & Walker1845-1875
Warden, David A.David A. Warden1867
Willig, GeorgeG. Willig1794-1851
Winner, Joseph E.J. E. Winner1854-1907
Winner, Septimus
Sep. Winner
Sep. Winner & Son
Winner & Shuster
Wittig, RudolphR. Wittig1856-1871

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