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Lithographers Outside Philadelphia: Napoleon Sarony (1821-1896)

Napoleon Sarony was born in Quebec in 1821. He moved to New York around 1836 and studied with Archibald Robinson. He worked for Nathaniel Currier before starting a business with James P. Major in 1843. In 1845 James Major was replaced by Henry B. Major in Sarony & Major. Sarony's next corporate incarnation was known as Sarony, Major & Knapp in which he was joined by Richard Major and Joseph F. Knapp from 1857 to 1867. He withdrew from the firm around 1867 to establish a studio of photography. Sarony late r spent six years in Europe, where he visited lithographers in Berlin and Paris. He eventually returned to New York and set up another photographic studio.

There are approximately ninety items in the collection for which Napoleon Sarony and his firms did the illustrations.

Illustrations by Sarony in the Collection
Item No.TitleImprintPlate No.IllustrationImage
Box 13
no. 6
The Battles of Sebastopol / composed by Charles W. Glover New York : W. Hall & Son, between 1853 and 1858 3496 Color: Troops firing a cannon at ships in a harbor / Lith. of Sarony & Co. Sebastopol
Box 13
no. 9
Blue Ridge Quick Step / composed and arranged for the piano forte by Francis Buck, and respectfully dedicated to James A. Cowardin of Richmond Va. by the publisher Richmond : P. H. Taylor, 1848 None Troops marching on a mountain road / Sarony & Major Lith. Blue Ridge
Box 41
no. 5
Capitol March : Washington : op. 45 / composed by Louis Berge New York : John J. Daly, 1861 123 Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. / Lith. of Sarony, Major & Knapp Capitol
Box 35
no. 16
The Exhibition Quadrille / Labitzky New York : Firth, Pond & Co., 1851 988 Color: View of "The glass building, erected for the World's Fair" (Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, England) / Lith. of Sarony & Major Exhibition
Box 14
no. 29
General Sweeny's Grand March / composed and cordially inscribed to Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Sweeny by John J. Daly New York : John J. Daly, 1863 164 Portrait of Thomas William Sweeny, with scenes of battles at Wilson's Creek, Corinth, and Shiloh / lith. of Sarony, Major & Knapp Sweeny
Box 36a
no. 22
The Hippopotamus Polka / by L. St. Mars New York : W. Hall & Son, between 1848 and 1858 948 Young woman dancing with a hippopotamus dressed in a suit / lith. of Sarony Hippopotamus
Box 36a
no. 28
The Mystic Polka : as danced by Mlle. Adeline and Signor Neri at the Broadway Theatre / composed by J. A. Fowler New York : Samuel C. Jollie, 1852 None "Professor Anderson performing his great feat of the Crystal Casket" / lith. of Sarony & Major Mystic Polka
Box 14
no. 49
Parade March of the 22d. Regt. N.Y.S.M. Union Greys / composed and respectfully inscribed to the officers & members of the 22d Regt. by F. B. Helmsmüller New York : Firth, Son & Co., 186- 5229 Color: Three members of the 22nd Regiment in a wooded setting / lith. of Sarony, Major & Knapp Parade March
Box 36a
no. 32
The Polar Bear Polka / composed by Albert W. Berg New York : Firth, Pond & Co., 1856 4010 Polar bears dancing (or fighting?), with a portrait of Elisha Kane above / lith. of Sarony, Major & Knapp Polar Bear
Box 42
no. 24
Rainbow Schottisch / composed by H. Kleber New York : Firth, Pond & Co., 1852 1625 Color: Rainbow over wooded lake / lith. of Sarony & Major
Box 36a
no. 42
Three Bells Polka / composed and dedicated to Capt. Creighton by T. J. Cook New York : S. T. Gordon, 1854 None Color: Rescue of ship San Francisco by ship Three Bells and a portrait of Capt. Creighton / lith. of Sarony & Co. Three Bells
Box 14
no. 75
U. S. Army Calls : Military Quadrille / composed by Robert Stoepel New York : Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1862 5266 Color: Winter scene of three uniformed soldiers quarding a camp / lith. of Sarony, Major & Knapp Military Quadrille

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