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William Penn Keffer Collection of Sheet Music,
ca. 1790-1895

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Philadelphia Lithographers: M. Schmitz

Illustrations by M. Schmitz in the Collection
Item No.TitleImprintPlate No.IllustrationImage
Box 25
no. 8
The Dream / from the original of Fredericka Bremer ; adapted to a Swedish melody by Karl Muller Philadelphia : Lee & Walker, between 1845 and 1848 316.4 Portrait of Jenny Lind / M. Schmitz ; P. S. Duval's Lith. Press Jenny Lind
Box 42
no. 25
Fleurs Mélodiques. No. 3 : Rondino sur un theme favorit de l'Elisir d'Amore / Burgmuller Philadelphia : A. Fiot, 1843 None Wreath of flowers, with small figures of cherubs and maidens, forms a frame for the title. At the top a woman is tossing flower petals from her lap; at the bottom two musicians in a tub of flowers perform on fiddle and guitar, while a clo wn between them holds its ears and grimaces / M. Schmitz ; P. S. Duval, lith. Fleurs
Box 35
no. 6
The New Six Figures : Cellarius Polka Quadrilles / composed and dedicated to his friend Cellarius by Jules Martin ; the music by A. F. R. Conner [i.e. Aaron J. R. Connor] Philadelphia : A. Fiot, 1848 None Portrait of Henri Cellarius surrounded by six small scenes of couples dancing the six figures of the quadrille / M. Schmitz, lithographer Cellarius
Box 39
no. 35
Valses de Columbia à la Strauss : en deux suites : No. 1. Valses sur l'air "Hail Columbia" / composées sur des airs nationaux Americains et dediées aux amis de l'Amerique par Mathias Keller Philadelphia : A. Fiot, 1844 1374 Sailing vessel, with small portraits of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin in the border / M. Schmitz not available

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