Bengal Civil Servants

Glyn, Robert Thomas John.

Born: September 5, 1788. Son of Richard Carr and Mary Glyn. Baptised at the Parish of St. James, Westminster on October 2, 1788.

Date of Rank as writer for the East India Company:

Sept. 27, 1804

Dates           Appointments

1807 March 11   Assistant to the Register of the Provincial Court of

1807 September  Assistant to Magistrate of City of Benares, and to
25              Register of Civil Court

1810 August 27  Register of the City Court of Benares

1813 April 23   Officiating as Judge and Magistrate of Bundelcund

1814            AT HOME

1817 August 27  Returned to India

1817 December   Additional Register of Meerut

1818 February   Acting Judge and Magistrate of Bareilly and
10              Joint-Magistrate at Bolundshehir

1819 February   Judge and Magistrate of Bareilly

1823            AT HOME

                Out of the Service in 1828

Information from:

Dodwell, Edward.

Alphabetical list of the honourable East India Company's Bengal civil servants : from the year 1780 to the year 1838 ... To which is attached a list of the Governors-general of India, from the year 1773 to the year 1838 ... Also a ...

London : Longman, Orme, Brown and Co., 1839.

xxiv, 607 p.

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