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The Eleven Illustrations


The Illustrated Book About Makers Of Glassware, etc., And A Description of Their Tools


Ghulam Yahya

Edited, Translated and Introduced

Mehr Afshan Farooqi

Summary: This Indo-Persian manuscript, written by Ghulam Yahya, son of Maulvi Imad-ud-din Lepakni, around 1820, in Bareilly District (United Provinces), India, for British magistrate, Mr. Robert Glyn, desc ribes eleven trades or occupations current at the time. The text contains important ethnographic, economic and technological data. (For more information, see the Introduction).

Language: Persian.

Physical description: 1 volume (34 leaves)on paper with 12 drawings and 5 color illustrations.

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Held by: Department of Special Collections, Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania

Facsimile note: The pages of the diary appear slightly smaller than the original (exact size depends upon monitor used) and have been adjusted for clarity and visibility. To see a larger image go to the bottom of the page and click on "raw image." No other alterations or enhancements have been made. Adjustments occasionally result in color and brightness variations which exaggerate those on the original. While we have made the best efforts to increase the readability of the facsimile, some portions (especially material written in pencil) remain difficult. 

Table of Contents

N.B. The Persian text and English translation are hyper-linked to facilitate comparison. Persian/Urdu technical terms (found in the translation) are linked to the Glossary. Inorder to view the diac ritic marks on ce rtain characters used in the translation and glossary, it is necessary to install a font called "Indo-Persian BitStream Charter" (IPBS) on your computer, and then make it the current font under "Options" on your web browser. It is a TrueType font. If you know how to download, unzip and install the font, click on "Download 'IPBS' font" link. If you need instructions, click on "Font Download/Installation Instructions." Download "IPBS" font (PC Version). Go to Font Download/Installation Instructions.

This document was edited and hyper-linked by Richard J. Cohen, South Asia Regional Studies Department, University of Pennsylvania.

Introduction to the Text by Mehr Afshan Farooqi Introduction
Translation of The Eleven Illustrations by Mehr Afshan Farooqi Translation
Biographical Data for Robert Glyn, Patron of the Text

The Persian Text:

Introductory Matter, Folio 1, verso

A Description of Manufacturing Glass, Folio 2, recto
Drawing of Furnace for Glassmaking, Folio 3, recto

A Description of Bangle Manufacture, Folio 4, recto
Drawing of Tools Used in Glass Bangle Manufacture, Folio 5, recto
Tools Used in the Manfacture of Lac Bangles, Folio 6, recto
Drawing of Tools Used in the Manufacture of Lac Bangles, Folio 7, recto

About a Crimper and his Tools, Folio 8, recto
Painting of a Crimper, Folio 9, recto
Drawing of a Crimper's Tools, Folio 10, recto

About Gram Parchers and their Tools, Folio, 11, recto
Drawing of a Furnace for Parching Grain, Folio 12, recto

About Chaarpaaii Weaver's and their Tools, Folio 13, recto
Drawing of Tools of Chaarpaaii Weavers, Folio 14, recto

Description of a Pansaarii's Shop and the Goods Sold There, Folio 15, recto
Tables I - VII, Listing Goods (And Prices!!) Sold by the Pansaarii, Folio 15, verso
Painting of a Pansaarii, Folio 19, recto
Drawing of the Pots of a Pansaarii, Folio 20, recto

About Wire Making from Iron and Silver, etc., and its Tools, Folio 21, recto
Painting of the Manufacture of Iron and Silver Wire, Folio 22, recto
Drawing of Tools for Manufacturing Iron and Silver Wire, Folio 23, recto

About Making Silk Thread Covered With Gold and Silver Thread, and Gold and Silver Laces and Edgings and Its Tools, Folio 24, recto
Drawing of Tools Used to Make Silver Border Threads, Folio 25, recto

A Description of the Various Types of Kabaabs and Method of Cooking Them and Their Tools, Folio 26, recto
Painting of Kab¹b Maker, Folio 29, recto
Drawing of Kabaab Maker's Tools, Folio 30, recto

About Goldsmiths and Their Tools and Names of Some Ornaments, Folio 31, recto
Names of Ornaments, Folio 32, recto
Names of Tools, , Folio 32, verso
Names of Weights, , Folio 33, recto
Painting of a Goldsmith, Folio 34, recto
Drawing of Tools of Goldsmith, Folio 35, recto
Drawing of Tools of Goldsmith (continued), Folio 36, recto

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