University Records Analyst for almost 32 years; 34 total years with the Archives & Records Center. A highly physical job, immersed in hands-on oversight and maintenance of two records warehouses and staff storing and servicing over 900 customers' Confidential records from all PENN departments and schools, School of Medicine & HUP and affiliates, such as Children's Hospital (CHOP). I have trained in full or part nearly (50) Records Assistants (now known as Logistics and Operations Coordinators) and supervised them in all aspects of our operations. I have not only direct-reported to (4) managers, but highly advised and been consult to them regarding the Physical Operations, both daily and in planning special projects, such as on-site packing and cataloging of records, planning location of special records collections to appropriate shelving, and finding ways to better maximize our space availability.

Thus, planning, project management, quality control of records and staff integrity in handling them, and being the primary steward of our Records Destruction program are "The Readers Digest" condensed version of my challenging and enjoyable job. The Destruction (Final Disposition) program is especially unique, being a direct tie to/ with the University Archives. The Records Center is for records that are the confidential property of individual customers, and The Archives is for those permanently stored as property of U/Penn, of historical and research value, (& thus truly of public domain under the protocols of the University Archives and Libraries). The final disposition process: Customers sign off each records box they want destroyed; the Records Manager compiles and generates a monthly list for me (and the University Archivists); the Archivists ascertain the boxes they wish to Review for potential permanent repository.  Once reviewed, the Senior Archivist gives his recommendations for Keeping; the University Archivist makes the decisions on the Final disposition status of each records box and submits his decisions on each one to be either kept, catalogued and housed on UARC shelving (and the remainder set up for Certified Destruction by professional shredding). Handling the new labelling and shelving of boxes KEPT, and marking and palletizing those for DESTRUCTION are solely my responsibility; (only the University Records Manager is in like manner authorized).  And each box is so documented on my Destruction Batch list as Kept or Destroyed, and each list chronologically filed for Permanent retention & reference.

Setting up Archival Reviews and handling them per/above are my primary stewardship as a member/ employee of The University Libraries.

One final item to my profile: (I have been called on to handle some unique projects, such as drawing up (6) professional quality floor maps, using a (dreadfully) rough outline,  blue and red pens, pencils, erasers, a 25' tape measure, ruler and about a quart of white-out to get about a 98% quality draft of each floor, including all facilities, elevators fire tower exits, I-beam and support pillars, each floor's unique wall configuration, and 100% accuracy on marking and placing each shelving unit in it's perspective place, along with a map legend to demarcate special items on each floor.  (Having taken drafting, and done well in algebra and geometry sure came in handy.)  Anyone who thinks "old school" methods of attacking problems are history is welcome to take a look at my copies of the maps onsite to see I lie not.

Any further comments or questions are welcome at my email address: And I do welcome staff members with a sense of humor. I will leave you all with the thought that I am not only Records Analyst, but the John Wick of Records Analysts.