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Hidden in Plain Sight:
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Conducting Scores

The Library's holdings of the conducting scores of Eugene Ormandy and Leopold Stokowski provide an opportunity for study and comparison of orchestral performance practice of the twentieth century. As was typical of the era in which they worked, both conductors freely interpreted the music they chose to perform by making cuts, altering orchestration, and by reworking rhythmic or melodic passages. The scores exhibited here exemplify their differing approaches to the same orchestral work. In Stravinsky's metrically complex "Danse sacrale," the final movement of his Le sacre du printemps, both conductors have rebarred portions of the work, though each has addressed the problematic rhythms in a different way. The exhibited pages of the final bars of the "Witches Sabbath," the last movement of Hector Berlioz' Symphonie fantastique, highlight the changes both conductors made to the orchestration.

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